When The Dust Settles EP
Produced at Beaird Music Group

1.    I Love That (Written by: Joe Lees & Kyle Dunn)
2.    When The Dust Settles (Written by: Kyle Dunn)
3.    Sippin' On Whisky (Written by: Jim Patterson, Jamie Patterson & Kyle Dunn)
4.    Hell On Wheels (Written by: Tim W Byrd & Kyle Dunn)
5.    Found Myself (Written by: Caitlin Jones, Kiefer Gricken & Kyle Dunn)
6.    Kiss Me (Written by: Kiefer Gricken & Kyle Dunn)

Larry Beaird - Acoustic Guitar       See Discography
Larry Paxton - Bass Guitar       See Discography 
Eddie Bayers - Drums       See Discography       
Troy Lancaster - Electric Guitar       See Discography
Steve Nathan - Piano       See Discography
Russ Pahl - Steel       See Discography
Tania Hancheroff - Background Vocals       See Discography
Perry Coleman - Background Vocals       See Discography
Matt Dame - Background Vocals      See Discography

Audio Engineers - Jim Deblanc, Kevin Sokolnicki, Rob Lane, David Buchanan